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It's time to follow the charm and pleasure of navigation, experience the future thanks to integrated navigation systems:

  • Imagine having complete control of your yacht directly from a single command post.
  • Imagine being able to simultaneously command the route, the air conditioning system, the fluids, on-board liquids, the engines and much more...
  • Imagine a dashboard that integrates all the on-board instruments in a pure and simple design capable of harmonizing with the furnishings of your yacht.
  • Imagine being able to count in real time all the data necessary for safe navigation, remote control and the most advanced multimedia devices.


After dealing with nautical and communication systems for several years, today we are able to create advanced Network structures for the nautical field, such as Wireless/Ethernet networks for connection to the Internet and the management of on-board communications and navigation systems integrated. Our customers need to be able to communicate with the rest of the world during their cruises. Needs such as weather forecasts, work, to contact family, friends and more... We make this need concrete, we offer from the simple system for connecting to the port's Wi-Fi network with a single notebook, to the more complex system capable of managing the ideal connection based on where the boat is located:

  • ADSL in ports equipped with cable connection from the quay
  • WIFI where the marina makes this type of service available
  • UMTS/HSDPA near the coast
  • SATELLITE ensures coverage even during crossings (with Broadband antennas or equivalent technology)

The described broadband connection can also be used by a VOIP/Skype telephone, allowing, with current technology, to make a telephone call from a foreign country to Italy by paying only the Italian urban tariff, using the wireless connection with on-board equipment. We also provide fax service via internet. We provide a personal fax number from which the received documents are forwarded to our customers via email. Fax management can also be performed from the Web. Among the possible supplies, in addition to the stipulation of traffic contracts, there are:

  • Satellite phones: Iridium, Thuraya, Mini-M
  • Inmarsat equipment of different standards
  • VSAT antennas that can be interfaced with any on-board switchboards

    The Communication sector also includes:

  • Traditional radio equipment: VHF and SSB
  • Send E-mails with the shortwave radio Radio Blu
  • Receive weather reports on the on-board PC (using the providers Sail Mail or Monaco Radio)
  • Television systems with omnidirectional terrestrial antennas and Conexus directives for obtaining the best reception
  • TV-Satellite antennas with or without motorisation
    LCD TV screens of various formats

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