Sailing far away

For those who sail far away


We propose to evaluate together with the owner, according to his specific needs, the most appropriate communication or energy production solution:

  • after having carried out an energy balance, evaluate how to supply energy to the on-board system: power alternators capable of charging the batteries according not to the number of engine revolutions but to the state of charge of the battery pack; photovoltaic panels or wind generators capable of producing up to 400 W with 25 knots of wind, thus reducing the use of any diesel generator.
  • installation of a shunt to know at any time the amount of energy available in the service battery pack.
  • a heating system with reduced consumption, even for single rooms and small spaces with simplified installation.
  • have on board a small, low-voltage but extremely reliable watermaker; with an extensive worldwide service network and 30 years of experience to ensure autonomy in the availability and quality of water, essential

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